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Miss Nelson Is Missing! - Harry Allard, James Marshall

Miss Nelson Is Missing! by Harry Allard and James Marshall is a teachable classroom story. A disorderly class treats their sweet, loving, and caring teacher, Miss Nelson, with disrespect. When a substitute, Viola Swamp, comes into the classroom one day, all of the students wonder where Miss Nelson is at. Viola Swamp is harsh, cold, and unfriendly. All of the students are miserable while the she is there, and they begin to regret how they treated Miss Nelson. The class begs from Miss Nelson to come back, and they miss her terribly. Finally, Miss Nelson comes back to school, and the students are so excited! Miss Nelson has a secret... She was the substitute all along! 


Use in classroom: I would use this book to teach students the importance of respect, and why they should not misbehave in the classroom. I would have the students come up with ways that would help them behave better during transitions, walking in the hallway, and during lessons. The students will come up to the board, and write their ideas on a piece of butcher paper. Every student will sign their name.


Grade- 3rd-5th