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Akeelah and the Bee - James Ellison, Doug Atchison

Akeelah and the Bee by James Ellison is about an 11 year old girl that is exceptionally well at spelling. Akeelah's middle school is a low income school that is desperate for money, so the principal decides to host a spelling bee so the school can make some money. A student needs to win the spelling bee to be eligible for the National Spelling Bee in order to bring back money. Akeelah is determined to go to the nationals, but her mother is not very enthusiastic about the idea. Akeelah works extremely hard to reach her dreams.


Use in classroom: This book would be a good book to teach vocabulary and spelling. It would be a good motivator to follow your dreams, and never let anything discourage you. I would take my own vocabulary words, and we would have our own spelling bee.


Grade- 5th